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For a while now, I've been itching to write my own review blog. After stumbling across my favorite review blog, Full House Reviewed, its popularity (and hilarity) has been the kicker for me to actually get one of my own started. I wasn't a regular commentor, but I did throw my two cents in from time to time. And to be honest, I wish I participated more. Full House used to be one of my favorite shows, and reading through the blog watching it get torn apart and broken down (for very good reason, I might add), made me want to have my shot at analyzing and critiquing a show. And what better place to start than a Nickelodeon classic?

To be honest, I originally wanted to do a scathing review of a live-action Nick show, like Zoey 101. Though I loved it as a preteen, I grew up to realize what a horrible piece of garbage it was to ever be churned out of the twisted mind of Dan Schneider. He's the same guy who also created Drake and Josh, a much better show. He also worked on a bunch of other Nickelodeon shows, too. But I really didn't have the dignity (or money) to buy the series on DVD, nor did I want to risk jail time for bootlegging it on some Chinese website, so I settled on As Told by Ginger.

But don't get me wrong -- I love As Told by Ginger, but I hated it about thirteen or so years ago. I realized very recently that this is the most underrated show Nickelodeon has ever created. It had so much going for it: brilliant writing, developed characters, and interesting story-lines all rolled into sixty 22-minute episodes. And it's a shame that it wasn't as popular as Zoey 101 or iCarly or whatever crap is playing on Nickelodeon ten times a day. Mainly because this show taught kids about life--about real life, and real things kids go through that would pass under a TV-Y7 rating, not about wanting to become Internet famous or living it up as a rich middle-schooler in a fluffy, so-sugar-coated-I-get-cavities-from-watching-it California dream school. It's relieving to have a realistic show to soak up when surrounded by peer pressure and consumerism. It's one of those shows parents and older siblings can sit down with the little ones to and not want to spoon their eyes out from the ridiculousness. Role models. Real-life lessons. The importance of family. You can't find that stuff on kids' shows today.

This show isn't perfect, though--it's far from it *coughDodiecough.* But what can you expect from a kids' show? I'm not here to praise it like the holy grail of cartoons, but rather, I want to look at it in-depth, episode-by-episode, and pick out the good, the bad, and mostly entertain whoever is willing to read this.

This is my special project that I will begin very soon. An unbiased, honest project. Because I like honesty. And I want to practice good work ethic. I hope all you ATBG fans and foes will enjoy this project, too.

For first-time viewers of the blog, I recommend you begin here:
Season 1, Episode 1: "Ginger the Juvey"



  1. Aww, you SHOULD do a Zoey-101 blog!! See, I'd do one, but I couldn't tolerate going beyond season 1.

  2. PS- I can't wait for you to do 'Come Back Little Seal Girl' and 'Summer of Camp Caprice'

  3. I love your blog! Your reviews are pretty funny. I myself wasn't a fan of "Ginger" when I was younger (not because I thought it was too girly, but because...I just wasn't), though I did remember the Christmas/Hanukkah episode. Now even since this fall, it has become one of my most favorite Nicktoons, and my second most favorite production by Klasky Csupo (next to their weird early episodes of "The Simpsons"). I can't wait for you to review these episodes:
    "Lunatic Lake"
    "April's Fools"
    "Love with a Proper Transfer Student"
    "Next Question"
    "Wicked Game" (make sure you watch your blood pressure with this one)
    "The Easter Ham"
    "Butterflies Are Free"
    "Fair to Cloudy"
    And all of the high school episodes!

    BTW, "As Told by Ginger" is nowhere near as underrated of a Nicktoon as "Wayside".


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